Italian Gin & Tonic - bird's eye view of a blush-colored cocktail in a clear glass. We see a slice of lemon on top and a sprig of rosemary. There is ice in the glass. In the background, we see a bottle of spirits poking through the corner.

Italian Gin & Tonic

Recipe and photos by Bebe Carminito

Sweet vermouth and Italian red bitters give this gin and tonic an Italian twist that’s both refreshing and complex.

Here we’ve used Cappelletti, an Italian red bitter and wine-based aperitif. Since Cappelletti is made from wine instead of spirit, it has a sweet, herbal, and well-rounded flavor that’s more intense than Aperol but not quite as bitter as Campari.

Cin cin!

Italian Gin & Tonic

Makes 1 drink

Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 0 Minute


½ fluid ounce Sweet Vermouth
½ fluid ounce Cappelletti
1½ fluid ounce Malfy Gin
Tonic water
Squeeze of lemon
Lemon wheel and/or rosemary, to garnish (optional)


In your prettiest ice-filled glass, add the sweet vermouth, Cappelletti, and Malfy Italian Gin. Using a bar spoon, stir and then top off with the tonic water and a squeeze of lemon. Garnish as desired with a lemon wheel and or a sprig of rosemary.

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