Do you love exploring Italian cuisine and discovering new Italian recipes? 

Do you find yourself making a different kind of fresh pasta every weekend? 

Did you recreate every dish Stanley Tucci made in his travel show Searching for Italy? 

Do you have a unique spin on tiramisu, a hack for trimming artichokes, a rulebook for making the cacio e pepe?

Want to interview an Italian artisan, chef, or expert to uncover their story? 

If you answered “sì!” to any of these questions (or you simply feel like you can relate), then you’re in the right place!

We’d love to share your ideas, excitement, and knowledge surrounding Italian food here at qbcucina.com 

What We’re Looking For:

  • A new, unique topic or angle that hasn’t been covered yet on qbcucina.com
  • A topic that is related to Italian food or culture in some way – fusion recipes are okay, but there should always be something that’s obviously Italian about it!
  • 100% original content – recipe or story cannot be published elsewhere by anyone else but you. If you took inspiration from another author, please make sure you give them credit within the article or recipe.
  • Recipes can be a traditional Italian dish or a modern spin. If going the traditional route, get specific about the technique and how home cooks can really make the dish shine.
  • Share your point of view and story–rather than writing about general knowledge topics, we want to hear your perspective! How did you become connected to this recipe or story and why is it important to you? Did you learn something from an experience? What was your takeaway?
  • Bonus: high-quality photos or illustrations of the recipe!

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