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    Hand-Stamped Peromatto Tea Towel

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    A rustic touch.

    Hang this beauty proudly in your kitchen for a rustic (and rust-extracted) touch of Romagnolo tradition. Following a 500-year-old technique, the artisans of Peromatto stamp each towel manually by dipping a wooden block into natural dye extracted from rust and impressing it onto the towel with the help of a mallet.


    Available in Frassino Leaf, Lotus, or Geometric designs.

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    About the Producer

    Located in Santa Sofia, a small city nestled within the Romagna region, Peromatto is a contemporary textile block printing workshop with roots in the age-old artisanal tradition of ‘rust printing’, stampa a ruggine, particular to the Romagna region of Italy. By combining modern laser technology with traditional wooden block stamps, they are able to carve out their nature-inspired designs with precision while still following the traditional method of hand-block rust printing. Each wooden block is then dipped in a natural rust-extracted dye and imprinted onto linen or cotton fabrics by hand with the help of a mallet. Learn more about the art of rust printing.


    100% natural cotton, rust dye. Dye is made following an ancient recipe with three simple ingredients: vinegar, flour, and rust.

    Care Instructions

    Machine washable. Rust-dye stamped linens are extremely durable! Upon first use, we recommend washing with a bit of bleach, which will help brighten up the color of the rust-based dye itself. For future care, gentle bleach treatment for stains will not affect the dyed patterns. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry and iron for best results.

    Nota bene: Do not wash with hydrogen peroxide-based stain removers or color-safe bleach as these products will cause the color to oxidize and eventually wear holes into the fabric. Stick to natural Marseille soap, vegetable-based glycerin soaps, and regular bleach.


    Additional information

    Weight 5 oz
    Dimensions 19.7 × 23.6 in

    Frassino, Lotus, Geometric Lines

    1 review for Hand-Stamped Peromatto Tea Towel

    1. Lauren (verified owner)

      I bought one of these for myself and a few for Christmas presents. They’re absolutely lovely– beautiful color (exactly as pictured), super absorbent, and very study. I’m sure I’ll have this for years. Gifted one alongside a signup for a pasta class and a gnocchi board– made such a cute, complete present!

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