Molino Pasini Pizza Flour


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Perfect pizza every time.

We searched high and low for the perfect flour and we think Molino Pasini flour just might be it.


There is a lot of nuance that goes into the perfect pizza crust, and the Molino Pasini La Tua Farina Flour for Pizza was created with just that in mind. For your next homemade pizza night, you will be slinging restaurant-quality pizzas with a soft and crispy crust, that have the perfect amount of chew.


This soft wheat type 0 flour will elevate and transform your pizza game, just like the Molino Pasini 00 Pasta Flour is the quintessential flour to use to achieve the smoothest pasta dough. While the type 00 flour is the finest ground variety of wheat flour and contains no wheat bran, this type 0 flour is a touch coarser designed to make soft, never-tough pizza and focaccia with the perfect rise.


What to know:

  • 2.2 lb bag (1 kg)
  • Milled in Lombardy, Italy
  • Ideal for homemade pizza and focaccia


Soft wheat flour from wheat grown in Italy


2.2-pound bag (1 kilogram)


See producer’s spec sheet.

This type of pasta flour is best for making homemade pizza and focaccia.

Store in a cool, dry place. Best used within 12 months after milling (see expiry date on bag).

About Molino Pasini

For four generations and more than 100 years, Molino Pasini has specialized in the art of making flour. Located in Mantova, a city in Italy’s northern Lombardia region, the family-owned mill aims to create perfectly balanced flours customized for specific uses like cakes, bread, pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and more. Thanks to their state-of-their-art mill featuring cutting-edge technology, Molino Pasini has been able to increase efficiencies while maintaining a gentle milling process that preserves the wheat’s natural flavor and nutritional properties.

With flour ingrained in their DNA, the Pasini family strives to produce the highest-quality flour for professional chefs and home kitchens alike.