Quanto Basta Italian Cookbook Club Membership

From: $60.00 every 2 months


Registration opens March 15-31 for our May-June cohort.

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Explore new and old Italian cookbooks and challenge yourself to cook in unchartered Italian territory. Together we’ll dive deep into one Italian cookbook every two months (6 books for the whole year), cooking a selection of dishes from the book while also enjoying weekly virtual discussions and special online events.


What to know:

  • The next cookbook club cohort kicks off on May 1, 2024.
  • Every two months, we cook from a different assigned Italian cookbook.
  • Each week, you’ll cook 1 recipe from the assigned Italian cookbook.
  • Members are responsible for sourcing the cookbook unless cookbooks are included in their membership.
  • There is at least 1 virtual event each month. We typically alternate between a virtual happy hour meet-up where you’ll meet other members and a virtual chat with the cookbook author or expert on the subject matter we are covering.
  • You’ll have access to an online discussion group where members share what they’re cooking, ask questions about recipes, exchange tips and thoughts on Italian food and culture in general, and more.
  • Members get 5% off all products on qbcucina.com (excluding your membership price) and free shipping site wide. Plus, other bonus perks like swag and discounts from our cookbook authors.


Note: Cookbook club subscriptions are not refundable once payment has been processed. Please read our Cookbook Club FAQ carefully before signing up.

What’s Included

  • Access to an online chat room with weekly discussions facilitated by our team
  • Access to virtual events with book authors and experts
  • Access to virtual cookbook club member meetups
  • Free shipping sitewide on qbcucina.com
  • 5% off all products from qbcucina.com
  • A Quanto Basta bookmark and sticky notes for saving important recipes
  • Optional add-on: prepay for 6 cookbooks selected for the cookbook club

2024 Pricing

Bi-Monthly Membership (billed every 2 months)

membership only: $60 every 2 months
membership + cookbooks: $94 every 2 months

Annual Membership (billed annually)

membership only: $306/year (equivalent to $51 every 2 months)
membership + cookbooks: $479/year (equivalent to $80 every 2 months)


Note: Cookbook club subscriptions are not refundable once payment has been processed. Please read our Cookbook Club FAQ carefully before signing up.

Please carefully read our Cookbook Club FAQ, including our billing and refund policy, before signing up.

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Laura B.
United States United States

So much fun!

I have loved my first couple of months of the Italian Cookbook Club! I am learning a lot of new things and connecting with like-minded home cooks. It's nice to have reading material and 'assignments' so we can get the most out of our cookbooks! I can't wait to delve into the new book I just received! So glad I joined!

United States United States

Amazing Cookbook Club!

I admit I was a bit skeptical upon initially signing up for an Italian cookbook club, especially since I already had an extensive collection of Italian cookbooks. However, you get so much more than just a cookbook and assigned recipes— you’re part of an interactive community of fellow foodies who freely offer up tips, tricks, and their successes and failures with various recipes. The club has led me to trying numerous recipes that I otherwise would not have, which in turn helped expand my culinary repertoire. I’m looking forward to learning more in 2024!

United States United States

A Culinary Journey Through Italy ... at Home!

Being a part of QB Cucina's virtual cookbook club has been an absolute delight, bringing together members from all corners of the country to explore the rich and diverse world of Italian cuisine. Centered around Italian foods, the assigned recipes from the books has made for a flavorful and educational culinary journey that I've thoroughly enjoyed. As a pasta enthusiast, I've been especially thrilled to dive into the pasta sections of our selected cookbook, savoring each recipe and broadening my culinary horizons. While my heart lies with pasta, I've appreciated the opportunity to explore other facets of Italian cuisine. The cookbook has introduced me to the art of crafting perfect meatballs, and mastering the delicate balance of Italian desserts. It's refreshing to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at diverse dishes, expanding my repertoire and appreciation for the culinary wonders of Italy. The virtual nature of our cookbook club has been a unique and wonderful aspect of this experience. Despite the physical distance, our shared love for Italian cuisine has created a sense of community. The exchange of cooking tips, photos of our creations, and anecdotes about our kitchen adventures have added a personal touch to the virtual space, making each cooking cycle a delightful shared experience. One of the highlights for me has been discovering hidden gems within the cookbook. Unexpected flavor combinations, ingenious cooking techniques, and the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients have elevated our cooking sessions to a whole new level. Sharing these delightful surprises with fellow club members has sparked interesting discussions and inspired everyone to bring their unique spin to the recipes. As we continue our journey through the cookbook and explore more Italian culinary delights, I am excited about the prospect of discovering new favorites and perfecting my skills in the kitchen. The camaraderie within the club, coupled with the joy of preparing and sharing these delicious meals, makes each virtual gathering a highly anticipated event. In conclusion, the virtual cookbook club has been a true celebration of Italian cuisine, providing a platform for learning, sharing, and connecting with fellow food enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, the experience is enriching and rewarding. I eagerly anticipate the upcoming months, where we'll continue to explore the pages of our chosen cookbook and create lasting memories through the love of Italian food. Buon appetito!

Lindsay L.
United States United States

Such a joy!

I am absolutely loving this club! It is so well organized and such a positive and welcoming space. The recipes are thoughtfully selected and I can’t wait to explore so many new elements of Italian cooking.

Megan C.
United States United States

A Fun Way to Cook

I've always wanted to dive deeper into Italian cuisine and stumbled upon this cookbook club a few months ago. It's been really enjoyable working through the books with other people who enjoy cooking as much as I do and learning even more about Italy and it's food along the way.