American Sfoglino


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A comprehensive guide to old-world pasta making.

Evan Funke wants you to forget your pasta machine and instead, whip out your rolling pin and a little bit of elbow grease. American Sfoglino is all about la sfoglia–handmade egg pasta sheets typical of Emilia-Romagna. In his debut cookbook, Funke shares his techniques for hand-rolling pasta at home, including techniques learned from his pasta training under the mentorship of Alessandra Spisni at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese. While hand-rolling pasta may seem daunting at first, Funke makes it accessible and approachable, even if all you have at home is a little flour, eggs, and a rolling pin.


Book includes:

  • Recipes for four foundational doughs
  • Instructions for creating 15 classic pasta shapes, plus dozens of essential sauces and broths
  • Stories from Funke’s travels in Italy and beyond
  • James Beard award-winning photography to feast your eyes on


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About the Authors

Evan Funke is a master pasta maker and the chef-owner of Felix Trattoria in Venice, California. He considers himself a custodian of Italian tradition and master of old-world pasta-making techniques. Funke’s singular passion as a pasta maker and chef was solidified in Bologna, under the mentorship of Alessandra Spisni at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese.

Katie Parla is a food writer and IACP award-winning author whose work has appeared in numerous outlets, including the New York Times, Food & Wine, and Saveur.

Eric Wolfinger is a James Beard Award winning food photographer.