Ravioli Pasta Necklace


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Filled with love.

Show your love of ravioli loud and clear with this dainty pendant necklace. Legend has it that ravioli were invented by Genovese sailors, as an edible pocket to hold leftovers on the high seas, while others claim that they were created in the 14th century as a vegetarian dish, to make pasta more substantial when meat wasn’t allowed for the devout. No matter which tale is true, one thing is clear: ravioli require love and patience to make, and so we hope you wear this pasta necklace as a reminder of love and generosity.


What to know:

  • Cast in .925 sterling silver and plated in 14K yellow gold
  • Ravioli pendant measures 9 mm wide and 9 mm tall.
  • The pendant floats upon an adjustable 16-18-inch gold plated cable chain.

Wipe down with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth after every wearing to remove smudges and surface soil. All plated finishes wear off over time. We recommend taking off your pieces when swimming in pools or saltwater, which will help to prolong the life of the plating.

Delicacies Jewelry creates tasteful jewelry for food lovers, from avocado pendants and chili pepper earrings to dumplings of all shapes and sizes. Their Al Dente collection is specifically designed for pasta lovers, paying homage to some of the most beloved noodle shapes like rigatoni, ravioli, and farfalle. Founded by Nicolle Nelson and supported by her husband John, Delicacies is a give-back brand, donating at least 10% of profits to hunger-related charities.