Pasta Grannies: The Official Cookbook


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Nonna knows best.

Learn how to make pasta, just like the Italian nonnas do. Inspired by the hugely popular YouTube channel of the same name, Pasta Grannies is a wonderful collection of time-perfected Italian pasta recipes from the people who have spent a lifetime cooking for love, not a living: Italian grandmothers.


What to know:

  • 256 pages
  • Winner of the James Beard Foundation 2020 Award for Best Single Subject Cookbook
  • Hardcover
  • Written by Vicki Bennison


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About the Author

Vicky Bennison spent many years working in international development in places like Siberia, South Africa, and Turkmenistan. The next decent meal was always on her mind and so she began writing about her culinary adventure, from mushroom hunting with the Russian mafia to cooking zebra stew near Lake Turkana in Kenya! She is the author of The Taste of a Place, and co-wrote Seasonal Spanish Food with José Pizarro.