The Pasta Every Day Gift Set


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For the pastaio in the making.

A collection of goods from our shop designed to inspire and aid the avid pastaio in your life. Maybe they’re just getting started or they’re well into their craft of making fresh pasta, either way, this gift set will give that special someone the tools they need to begin or will simply add to their trove of pasta-making tools. The Pasta Every Day cookbook by Meryl Feinstein gives thorough guides to creating a variety of delicious pasta doughs, shapes, fillings, and sauces and is a must-have in every pastaio’s library. The recipes would mean nothing without the means to make them- so we’ve included the premium Molino Pasini 00 Pasta Flour and Semola Flour and two pasta-making tools that are as practical as they are elegant. Best yet, this bundle was all handpicked by Meryl Feinstein herself, so you know you’re in excellent hands.


What’s included:

  • Pasta Every Day cookbook by Meryl Feinstein
  • Half Moon Pasta Bench Scraper
  • Olive Wood Gnocchi Board
  • Molino Pasini Semola Flour
  • Molino Pasini 00 Flour

Book: 10.25 × 8.25 inches

Bench scraper: 4.5 × 6.25 × 0.625 inches

Gnocchi board: 7.5 × 2 × 0.625 inches

Flour: 2.2 pound bag


Bench scraper: Wood, Stainless Steel

Gnocchi board: Olive wood

Flour: Soft wheat flour from wheat grown in Italy



Bench scraper: Handwash in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent and dry immediately after use. If the wooden handle starts to look dry, rub with food-grade mineral oil using a soft cloth.

Gnocchi Board: Upon receiving your olive wood pieces, rub with food-safe mineral oil to season the wood. Hand wash in warm water with a gentle detergent and dry immediately after use. Re-oil your pieces as needed with a soft kitchen towel, when the wood begins to look and feel a bit dry, at least once a month. Rub the food-safe oil in a circular motion from top to bottom, covering the whole piece. For removing pieces of caked dough, use a toothbrush, dipped in water, and gently scrub until the dough has been removed. Nota bene: never put olive wood in the dishwasher! This is the quickest way to ruin your beautiful olive wood pieces.

Flour: Store in a cool, dry place. Best used within 12 months after milling (see expiry date on bag).

Book: Author, Meryl Feinstein, is a chef and pastaia who left the corporate world for the food industry in 2018. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education, Meryl got her start at the renowned New York establishments Lilia and Misi, where she was part of the pasta production team. During that time, Meryl founded Pasta Social Club, a platform that brings people together over a shared love of food, learning, and making connections both on- and offline. She now lives in Austin, where she hosts virtual pasta-making workshops and develops recipes. Her dishes draw on her travels in Italy, ongoing research into the rich history of traditional pasta-making, and her Jewish heritage. Pasta Every Day is first cookbook.

Gnocchi Board: Since 1977, Arte Legno – literally “Art Wood” – has been working with Italian olive wood to create beautiful, timeless kitchen tools and objects. Olive trees have been cultivated in Italy since the 6th century BC. At their laboratory located in the heart of Spello in Umbria, two generations of woodworkers have been handcrafting each piece with care.

Flour: For four generations and more than 100 years, Molino Pasini has specialized in the art of making flour. Located in Mantova, a city in Italy’s northern Lombardia region, the family-owned mill aims to create perfectly balanced flours customized for specific uses like cakes, bread, pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and more. Thanks to their state-of-their-art mill featuring cutting-edge technology, Molino Pasini has been able to increase efficiencies while maintaining a gentle milling process that preserves the wheat’s natural flavor and nutritional properties.