Fusilli Candle


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Groovy goodness.

Fusilli, maybe the most famous spiral-shaped pasta, gets its name from the word ‘fuso’ which means spindle. This al dente décor looks delectable anywhere from the nightstand to the dinner table, just try to resist reaching for the fork. While we think the best way to enjoy these candles is to stare at them longingly, you can certainly burn them and savor the beautiful neroli, jasmine, and orange blossom scent.


What to know:

  • 30-minute burn time
  • If burning, please place on a plate for safety.
  • 12cm L x 3.5cm H x 5cm W

Dimensions 4.72 × 1.97 × 1.38 in



Soy wax, natural dyes, essential oils (jasmine, neroli & orange blossom)



These candles are intended for decorative purposes. If you decide to burn them please you a tray or dish to catch the wax. Burn within sight and keep away from things that can catch fire. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Burn time is 30 minutes.

Made in the UK by Nata Concept Store.