Traditional Wooden Garganelli Pasta Comb


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One fine-tooth comb.

Legend has it that the first garganelli, a ridged tube pasta, were created when a housewife improvised and rolled her pasta dough over a nearby weaving loom. Her ingenious pasta invention eventually led to the use of a pettine per la pasta, or “pasta comb.” Each one is made by hand from tiny wooden slats that are secured together between two wooden rods using twine. Each pettine comes with three rods of different diameters, suitable for rolling garganelli or the tube-shaped maccheroni al pettine, both big and small.


The story of each pasta comb is completely unique. Marco’s pettini are restored from the textile combs of one Ninfo Duri, a craftsman who worked in Reggio-Emilia over 100 years ago. Duri made his combs from “materiale povero”: bamboo, hemp twine, and local wood from elm and fir trees. These combs were then sold to local textile workers who would use them to beat the warp on large manual looms. Every single pettine has over 100 years of life and use between its delicate slats.


What to know:

  • Handmade from reclaimed bamboo weaving combs and natural wood
  • Comes with three different sized rods
  • Clean gently with a soft, natural toothbrush
  • Item may appear different than photo – each piece is artisanal and unique!
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 5 in



Wood (spruce or elm) supports, bamboo slats, hemp twine, water-based glue

Care Instructions

Use a soft, natural toothbrush to gently clean the slats of the pettine. If needed, wet the toothbrush in a mixture of water and bleach or water and baking soda. Allow to dry in a cool, ventilated area.

About the Producer

For almost 30 years, Marco Galavotti, has been crafting artisanal tools for the kitchen in his workshop in Modena Italy. He works under the pseudo name, Al Marangoun, meaning “carpenter” or “ax man” in Modenese dialect. And indeed, the tools he creates, mostly made of wood, are reminiscent of a carpenter’s work. Every week, he sells his tools at various markets in small towns scattered throughout Emilia-Romagna.

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Sinclair S.

Beautiful but …

Most likely I won’t return it. Haven’t tried it yet. MUCH smaller - length wise than I thought it would be. Guess that’s on me for not checking the dimensions. Seems too short to be productive. Almost toying. That said, it is beautifully crafted. Will see if review function allows updates after I give it a try and change my first opinion.


q.b. Cucina

Thank you, sorry this item wasn't as expected. We do our best to list the dimensions and product information on the product page. You are more than welcome to contact us for a return or exchange. We hope that after you use it, you find that you like it after all!

Derek C.


First, I want to say that I did not expect to find an actual pettine outside of accidentally finding one at some little shop in Italy. But while looking for some other pasta tools, I came across qb Cucina (which was an amazing find alone) and this handmade pettine, made exactly like they used to be. I couldn't believe it honestly. To find one like this, steeped in the traditions of old world Italy. I saw a 200+ year old pettine on a show starring Chef Evan Funke and since then have wanted one, but had kinda settled on not being able to find one. When I received it, it did not disappoint. It is a great addition to my pasta making collection. And like my other tools that I have worked to collect, it is one of a kind. Thank you qb Cucina! Great product. And also, after receiving it, I received an email from qb discussing the history of the pettine and how each piece is one of a kind. As a pasta history nerd, that was a really great touch! Definitely recommend this pettine and definitely recommend qb!



I didn’t use the product I returned it because I feel it is a modern knockoff of a classic item which was not well constructed, over priced and I did not feel it was a tool that would have lasted.


q.b. Cucina

I'm sorry this product didn't meet your expectation. Each pasta comb is handmade in Emilia-Romagna by one of the only remaining "pettine" artisans in the world. Since each one is made by hand, they may vary in size and shape compared to other combs you may have worked with in the past. I recognize this isn't a product for everyone! Your return has been processed. Thank you for giving our small business a try and best of luck with your pasta-making endeavors. All the best, Sarah q.b. Cucina, Founder

Susan D.

Thank you!!!

So carefully packaged !!!! It’s a work of art!! And I can’t wait to create some beautiful pasta with it! Thank you I hope to do business again.

Gail H.

Love it

The story, the craftsmanship, the pasta. All fantastic.