Tagliatelle Knife


Preorder. Ships early November.

A cut above the rest.

Handcut your own rustic tagliatelle the old-fashioned Italian way with this specialty knife, made by the artisans at Maserin in Maniago, Italy. Known as the “cortlĂ©nna” in Bolognese dialect, this peculiar coltello has a beautiful olive wood handle and a tall, rectangular straight-edge blade, which makes it ideal for cutting the iconic tagliatelle ribbons (although we won’t tell Nonna if you use it to cut other shapes!).

15.7 x 0.5 x 2.1 inches


Stainless steel and olive wood

Care Instructions

Handwash in warm water with a gentle detergent and dry immediately after use. Rub the handle with food-safe mineral oil when the wood begins to look and feel a bit dry.

Nota bene: never put your tagliatelle knife in the dishwasher!

Founded in 1960, Coltellerie Maserin is a distinguished Italian knife manufacturer with a passion for craftsmanship and quality. The family company is located in Maniago, Italy, nicknamed “the city of knives” thanks to its artisan metalworking tradition dating back to the middle ages.