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    Artisanal Italian pasta tools and wares by q.b. cucina


    Modern Marangoun Gnocchi Board


    Get your groove on.

    With its elegant paddle shape and fine ridges, this modern gnocchi board is made from a single piece of natural, untreated beech wood, with refined grooves for creating beautiful patterns on your next batch of gnocchi. Each board is handcrafted by Marco Galavotti of Al Marangoun, a skilled woodworking artisan in Emilia-Romagna, who brands each board with his signature logo.


    Looking to expand your pasta tool horizons? Each modern gnocchi board comes with three rods of different diameters, suitable for rolling garganelli or the tube-shaped maccheroni al pettine, both big and small.

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    About the Producer

    For almost 30 years, Marco Galavotti, has been crafting artisanal tools for the kitchen in his workshop in Modena Italy. He works under the pseudo name, Al Marangoun, meaning “carpenter” or “ax man” in Modenese dialect. And indeed, the tools he creates, mostly made of wood, are reminiscent of a carpenter’s work. Every week, he sells his tools at various markets in small towns scattered throughout Emilia-Romagna.


    Natural beech wood

    Care Instructions

    Wooden pasta tools are best cleaned naturally! After use, take a clean sponge or rag and dampen in a mixture of water and lemon juice or water and baking soda. Squeeze out excess water and wipe down your gnocchi board to remove excess flour or dough, and allow to dry naturally in a cool, ventilated place. If you still find a bit of flour stuck between the ridges, use a clean natural toothbrush to gently brush it out. Note: do not run through dishwasher or running water.

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