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    Brass Round Ravioli Stamp


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    Spring to life.

    Make your ravioli spring to life with this ziggety-zaggety-edged brass stamp. Its spring-loaded bottom makes it easy to press and release pasta dough, transforming each sheet into a row of perfect circles with decorative edges. 


    What to know:

    • Made of natural beech wood, brass, and plastic
    • Clean with a damp cloth and a little lemon juice for shine
    • Avoid using dish soap or running through dishwasher



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    About the Producer

    In 1977, Romano Gandolfi and his wife Adele opened Ga.Ri. Torneria, their workshop in the hills of Emilia-Romagna between Parma and Piacenza. Like any good emiliano, Romano has always passionate about his pasta – especially the iconic tortellini and cappelletti of the region – and began creating brass stamps and pasta wheels that are efficient, durable, and beautiful. Made by hand, Romano and his daughters Lara and Cristina have delighted pasta makers with these special tools for over 40 years.


    Beech wood, brass, plastic

    Care Instructions

    Brass is best cleaned naturally! To clean brass tools, take a clean rag and dampen in a mixture of water and lemon juice, or water and baking soda. Squeeze out excess water and gently rub the brass to clean off any dough or flour stuck to the surface. Allow tools to dry in a cool, ventilated place. Note: never run tools through dishwasher, and do not use dish soap.

    Additional information

    Weight 13.4 oz
    Dimensions 4 × 2.5 in


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