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    Private Pasta Class


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    Learn the basics of making pasta with this hands-on private virtual class.


    During this private virtual class, you’ll learn about the ingredients and tools you need to make pasta and how to mix and knead the dough. We’ll also show you how to make a variety of shapes with your dough. Still getting the hang of dragged pasta shapes made with semolina dough? Want to perfect your filled pasta shapes with fresh egg dough? Have special dietary requests? We’ll tailor the class to what you want to learn! Reach out to us to plan your ultimate pasta experience.


    After you sign up, we’ll send you the ingredients needed to participate so that you can cook alongside the class, plus a list of helpful tools (or simply save them for a later date after you’ve learned the basics). This is a hands-on interactive class–questions are encouraged!


    Depending on your class topic, you may need some special tools for your class (we’ll let you know). You’ll also need a clean, open space to knead the dough.

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    Location: Online Zoom Class (we’ll email you a link)

    Max Size: 3 devices

    What You Can Learn:

    • The ingredients and tools needed to make pasta dough (semolina or fresh egg dough)
    • How to mix and knead the dough by hand
    • How to make traditional regional pasta shapes by hand
    • Common mistakes to avoid when making dough
    • Perfect sauces and pairings for your freshly made pasta


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