Nonna’s Table Gift Set


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We all could learn from Nonna.

Mention Pasta Grannies to anybody and they’ve probably seen the exquisitely wonderful YouTube videos of women so advanced in the craft of pasta making that it is second nature to them. The Pasta Grannies: Official Cookbook by Vicky Bennison is inspired by such and is just as full of wisdom, charm, and time-perfected Italian pasta recipes. Now, ask anybody where their love of cooking comes from and their likely answer is “Nonna.” Here we’ve carefully concocted a set of items from our shop that celebrate the beautiful objects and words of wisdom you found and heard in your Nonna’s kitchen.


What’s included:

  • Pasta Grannies: The Offical Cookbook
  • Olive Wood Spatula
  • Italian Phrase Bowl  – A tavola non si invecchia mai
  • Peperoncino Tea Towel

*** Note: the bowl included in the pictures has a different Italian phrase than the one that will be included in the gift set. The bowl included reads “A tavola non si invecchia mai.”

Book: 7.7 × 1.3 × 10 inches

Spatula: 12.25 x 3 inches

Bowl: 8.67 × 1.57 inches

Tea Towel: 21.75 × 15.5 × 0.125 inches


Bowl: Enamelware with hand-painted phrases.

Spatula: Italian olive wood

Tea Towel: 100% cotton

Care Instructions

Bowl: These dishes can get hot! Handle with care when serving your soups or pasta in brodo. To keep your dishes in good shape, hand wash in cold water with a non-abrasive sponge and gentle dish detergent. Note: the hand-painted phrases are heat-treated but not glazed. Abrasive sponges and sharp knives will scratch the hand-painted decoration. To protect the hand-painted designs, dishwasher cleaning is also not recommended. Nota bene: never put your enamel bowls in the microwave.

Spatula: Upon receiving your olive wood pieces, rub with food-safe mineral oil to season the wood. Hand wash in warm water with a gentle detergent and dry immediately after use. Re-oil your pieces as needed with a soft kitchen towel, when the wood begins to look and feel a bit dry, at least once a month. Rub the food-safe oil in a circular motion from top to bottom, covering the whole piece. For removing pieces of caked dough, use a toothbrush, dipped in water, and gently scrub until the dough has been removed. Nota bene: never put olive wood in the dishwasher! This is the quickest way to ruin your beautiful olive wood pieces.

Tea Towel: Machine washable. Tumble dry on low.

Bowl: Based in the Northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Alt Means Old is dedicated to sourcing vintage Italian housewares that capture the traditional, rare, and thoughtful ways of living before they are lost.

Spatula: Since 1977, Arte Legno – literally “Art Wood” – has been working with Italian olive wood to create beautiful, timeless kitchen tools and objects. Olive trees have been cultivated in Italy since the 6th century BC. At their laboratory located in the heart of Spello in Umbria, two generations of woodworkers have been handcrafting each piece with care.

Tea Towel: Handloomed in Calabria.

Book: Author, Vicky Bennison, spent many years working in international development in places like Siberia, South Africa, and Turkmenistan. The next decent meal was always on her mind and so she began writing about her culinary adventure, from mushroom hunting with the Russian mafia to cooking zebra stew near Lake Turkana in Kenya! She is the author of The Taste of a Place, and co-wrote Seasonal Spanish Food with José Pizarro.